Plot Industrial use – Palma.

Plot Industrial use – Palma.2018-05-14T17:02:35+00:00

Project Description

Plot Industrial use – Palma.

Plot in industrial estate Palma.
In corner.

Main use: Secondary (industrial activities, storage and workshops)
Building Type: (isolated)

Building surface:
Local Trade – exhibition: 3.822,00 m2
Offices 11,466.00 m2

Very well located in consolidated area with good access and transport

The hypothetical promotion to be made, would be that of an isolated building, intended for a commercial tertiary use.
Offices with diaphanous plants for their partitioning according to demand, in floor 1 to 3 and in ground floor commercial premises-exhibition.
The 2 basement floors would be used for parking spaces, of which there is a great demand in this polygon.

Ref: 4047-50
Price: 4 900 000 €

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